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The Ultimate Rugby Virtual Quiz

If you’re missing the post-match banter, why not get your team together for a virtual rugby quiz one evening?

We’ve prepared the ultimate Rugby Quiz, all you need to do is gather together the crew (we’d recommend a Facebook event), download a video conferencing app such as Zoom or Houseparty, appoint a Quizmaster and you’re ready to go!

Why not use it as an opportunity to fundraise for the club but charging a small fee to take part? That way you could even offer a prize - a one-off Rugby Box perhaps?

The quiz consists of 5-rounds, each offering something different so there is something for everyone. 

No phones allowed and any foul play will be punished with a session in the sin bin.

For each question you get correct you will gain one point, the highest score with the most points will win. Best of Luck!

Round 1: Rugby World Cup 

  1. How many countries qualified for the 1987 Rugby World Cup?

  2. Name the stadium where the opening match of the 2019 World Cup took place?

  3. Which British team came fourth in the 1991 tournament?

  4. What is the record number of penalty kicks kicked in a Rugby World Cup match?

  5. Which tournament year was the first to feature 20 teams?

  6. Who is the all-time Rugby World Cup leading points scorer?

  7. Which team has scored the most penalties?

  8. What is the name of the trophy awarded to the world cup winner?

  9. Which tournament was the first where no country made a debut?

    1. 2003
    2. 2013
    3. 2015

  10. Which country will host the 2023 Rugby World Cup?

Round 2: Logo Round

Can you name the below national and international rugby clubs based only on their logo?

Round 3: Rugby General Knowledge

  1. Which Welsh fly-half was the first player to score more than 1000 international points?

  2. In 2005, South African wing Tonderai Chavanga scored six tries in a test match against which country?

  3. Who scored the winning try in the 2007 Super 14 final Bulls v Sharks in Durban, with time up on the clock?

  4. Which Springbok scored four tries against Ireland in Bloemfontein in 1998?

  5. Which winger was nicknamed 'Billy Whizz', and scored England's only try when the team won the Rugby Union World Cup in 2003?

  6. Connaught Rugby is based in Galway, County Galway Ireland, but which multi-purpose grounds do they play their home games at?

  7. Who is credited with inventing Rugby Union?

  8. Which team won the 2007 Hong Kong Sevens?

  9. Who was the top try-scorer of the 2003 Super 12 tournament?

  10. Which of these players was not a British Lions tourist in 2001?

    1. Tom Smith 
    2. Ronan O'Gara 
    3. Johnny Wilkinson 
    4. Greg Smith

Round 4: Rugby Rules 

  1. The referee stops play because a player was in touch. What did the referee spot?

  2. A scissor is a move commonly used by the backline. A scissor can also be called a...

    1. Loop
    2. Skip
    3. Kock 
    4. Switch 

  3. This player is the link between the forwards and the backs. They play an important role in scrums, lineouts, and a lot of plays. What position are they?

  4. Which of these four rugby union terms is not a way to either start or restart play?

    1. Line-out 
    2. Drop-out 
    3. Kick-off 
    4. Knock-on

  5. Which of these players is not involved in the scrum?

    1. Prop
    2. Scrumhalf 
    3. Number 8 
    4. Wing 

Round 5: Emoji Challenge

Can you name the below rugby terms based on the emojis below?

So, how do you think you got on? Did you win a grand slam or were you tackled before you reached the goal line?

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